Dr. Salem Asad

Al-Jahra Speciality Dental Center.

Dr. Salem Asad graduated from Misr University of Science and technology in 2012 after completion of his bachelor’s degree in dental surgery. In 2014, he pursued his postgraduate education in orthodontics at Malmo University, Sweden. In 2017, he received Prof. Dan Ericson Pin of excellence. He graduated from Malmo university as an orthodontist in 2018 after publishing 3 scientific articles. In the same year, he was chosen as a reviewer for the European Journal of Orthodontics.

Currently, Dr. Salem Asad is working as an orthodontist in Al-Jahra specialty dental center and cleft lip and palate clinic, Al-Amiri specialty dental center.


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Dubai AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontics Conference 2020: Palatally displaced canines; diagnosis, interceptive treatment, and decision trees.

Dubai AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontics Conference 2020: Prevention and treatment of white spot lesions during and after treatment with fixed orthodontic appliance


Development of interceptive orthodontics smart phone application for general dentists:

The application provides step-by-step guidance for early interceptive treatment, 1) early diagnosis and treatment of unerupted/impacted maxillary canines; 2) early diagnosis and treatment of ectopic eruption of maxillary first molars; 3) early treatment of unilateral posterior crossbite.