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Where and When to Refer patients with Oral Clefts

If a patient with cleft was examined or a baby with cleft was born in any private or government sector, the case should be evaluated by the hospital’s pediatrician. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the patient should be referred to:

Cleft and Craniofacial Unit, Alfarwaneya Dental Center.

It is important to be referred within the first couple of weeks after birth; in order to receive advice on feeding and ensure that the patient’s nutrition and growth is not affected by his / her condition.

In addition to receiving evaluation and treatment to their condition, the babies’ referral to this center will ensure that they will be registered and added to the National Database.

If you are a health care provider involved in the care of a newborn diagnosed with oral clefts and/or craniofacial anomalies, please fill this form to notify the National Registry Team and the Orthodontics Department. This aims to accelerate the process of referrals and ensure treatment is carried out in a timely fashion, but is NOT a replacement to the referral protocols routinely followed at the Ministry of Health, Kuwait.

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